Orbita Symposium Munich 2016

Thursday, 24. November 2016, 11.00 - 18.00

Friday, 25. November 2016, 8.00 - 12.00


University Eye Hospital

LMU Munich


Symposium languages: German & English



Thursday, 24. November

11.00 - 18.00


11.00  Welcome & introduction

           Orbital disease management: what is new?

           C. Hintschich, S. Priglinger




11.10  Orbital diseases - an algorithm

           U. Schaudig


11.20  Orbital imaging: Anatomical correlations & state of the art of imaging

           U. Müller-Lisse


11.50  When is PET-CT helpful?

           A. Klingenstein



           Orbital tumours


12.00  Proptosis: An approach to diagnosis

           G. Rose


12.20  Orbital tumors: Clinical-histopathological correlations

           L. Holbach


12.50  Pediatric orbital tumours – pediatric Oncology

           L. Baldeschi



13.15  Lunch break



14.00  Principles of orbital surgery – approaches to the orbit

           G. Rose


14.20  Which lesions better to irradiate?

           L. Baldeschi


14.40  The role of Vismodegib in the treatment of advanced basal cell carcinoma and other perspectives

          C. Miller


15.00  Exenteration: causes and how to avoid

           C. Miller


15.10  Management of vascular lesions

           U. Schaudig



15.20  Coffee break



15.50  Interventional neuroradiological concepts

           H. Brückmann


16.20  Lacrimal gland: What is different?

           G. Rose


16.45  Orbital meningioma management: The dilemma between efficiency and function

           C. Schichor


17.15  Orbital disease: The Egyptian experience

           M. Assem





18.00  End of the first day






Friday, 25. November

08.00 – 12.00


Orbital inflammation


08.00  Orbital cellulitis

           G. Rose


08.20  Elementary diagnosis in chronic orbital inflammation

           I. Mombaerts


08.50  IgG4-related orbital inflammation: Snow White's new dwarf

           I. Mombaerts



Orbital reconstruction


09.10  Orbital and midface trauma

           G. Mast


09.40  Surgical treatment of orbital blowout fractures

           G. Rose


10.00  Traumatic optic neuropathy: the role of intervention

           A. Klingenstein



10.15  Coffee break



11.00  Post enucleation socket syndrome and “contracted socket“

          C. Hintschich





12.00  End of the orbital symposium






20.00  Bavarian night at Restaurant „Zum Augustiner“