10th EUGOGO Teaching Course

Friday, 25. November 2016, 14.00 - 18.00

Saturday, 26. November 2016, 08.00 - 18.00


University Eye Hospital

LMU Munich


Symposium language: English



FRIDAY, 25. November


14.00  Welcome

           Claudio Marcocci (President EUGOGO), C. Hintschich


14.05  Introduction

           The science of treating Graves´Orbitopathy patients:
           Introduction to the present course based on the recently
           published ETA-EUGOGO guidelines

           W. Wiersinga

           Session 1

           Graves´Orbitopathy: Clinical presentation and diagnosis

           Chair:  G.J. Kahaly, G. Rose


14.25  Clinical presentation, natural history and risk factors

           L. Bartalena


14.45  Impact on social life: Quality of life and costs

           K. Ponto


15.05  Ophthalmological clinical assessment:

           What is the role of scoring clinical activity score and severity?

           S. Pitz


15.25  Endocrinological clinical assessment:

           Baseline and follow-up evaluation of hormones and auto-antibodies?

           P. Perros



15.45  Coffee break



16.15  Pitfalls in the assessment of GO

           D. Morris


16.35  Which imaging devices are helpful?

           U. Müller-Lisse


16.50  Differential diagnosis of GO

           G. Rose


17.05  Sight-threatening disease and atypical presentation

           A. Boschi




           Session 2

           Pathogenesis: What lies behind the disease?

           Chair: M. Salvi, C. Marcocci


17.20  Pathogenesis: The classical overview

          M. Marino


17.40  New perspectives: The role of microbioma

           M. Ludgate


18.00  Summarize

           C. Marcocci



20.00  Bavarian night at Restaurant „Zum Augustiner“





SATURDAY, 26. November



           Session 3

08.00  Practical clinical assessment masterclass (in small groups)

           Demonstration of basic and advanced ophthalmologic and
           endocrinologic live clinical assessment by EUGOGO experts

           Chair: A. Eckstein, P. Perros



09.30  Coffee Break



10.00  From basic evaluation to decision making

           Direct examination of live patients with comprehensive management
           planning by the course attendees in small groups under supervision

           Chair: L. Baldeschi, W. Wiersinga



           Session 4

           Treatment of GO

           Chair: C. Daumerie, S. Pitz


11.30  Thyroid treatment

           R. Gärtner


11.50  Classical orbital treatment: Iv. steroids and radiation therapy

          G.J. Kahaly


12.10  Antioxidative approach: Selenium and others

          C. Marcocci



12.30  Lunch break



13.30  Novel treatments: Rituximab and IGF-1R antogonists

           M. Salvi


13.50  Orbital decompression surgery

           L. Baldeschi


14.10  Strabismus in GO

           A. Eckstein, O. Ehrt


14.30  Eyelid surgery

           C. Hintschich





14.50  Cases I (Case presentations from the morning session)

           Chair: L. Baldeschi, W. Wiersinga



15.30  Coffee break



16.00  Cases II

           Chair: L. Bartalena, O. Konuk


16.40  Video-Session of surgical procedures

          Chair: G. Rose, U. Schaudig


17.40  Implementation of the Amsterdam declaration

           C. Dayan


17.50  Closing remarks

           Claudio Marcocci





For EUGOGO Executive Members only:


The EUGOGO EC-Meeting starts in a designated room in the

University Eye Hospital on:


Friday, 25 November 2016 from 08.00 till 13.00 and

Sunday, 27 November 2016 from 08.00 till 13.00